CAR-USDC-MAR21 has expired at $8.19USD. Do not mint.

Welcome Home…

CAR-USDC-MAR21 is a synthetic future, built on UMA, allowing you to hedge on the APR borrow-rates for USDC from Compound. On March 28th, the token resolves to March's average borrowing rate.

You can use CAR tokens to hedge or speculate on interest rates. If you'd like a near perfect hedge, buy or mint $X USD worth of CAR tokens where X is the amount you expect to pay or earn in interest during march.

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Alpha User Yield Farming

The first $100,000 worth of liquidity miners will earn all of my UMA developer mining rewards for the lifetime of CAR-USDC-MAR21. I expect this is somewhere around 100% APY although I can't be sure.

Current: $0 USDTarget: $100,000 USD

There may or may not be an NFT airdropped to your address that guarantees this benefit on liquidity provided to future Tendies Exchange projects. If such an NFT were to theoretically come into existance, it would have a reference to the amount of liquidity you provided in this alpha program. It would also be transferable/sellable.

Eligibility Steps:

  1. Mint CAR tokens
  2. Provide liquidity to the CAR/USDC pool on Uniswap
  3. Be among the first $100,000 worth of people to do so
  4. Optional: Let me know if you find any bugs! (via Twitter or UMA Discord)

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